Imperishable feats along with national history

South Koreans sing the praises of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had turned the DPRK into a military power and established a solid foundations for sovereignty and prosperity of the nation with his unique Songun politics.

“Thanks to the Songun politics of north Korea, the Korean nation is highlighted as a dignified one under knotty political situation of the world. It is entirely ascribable to the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il that the Korean nation’s security and destiny are secured. Kim Jong Il, who decorated contemporary history of the Korean nation with victories and glory, is the savior of the nation.”

“With the Songun politics, Uncle Sam, which has made a dummy of the weak nations, does not dare to provoke north Korea. North Korea is in the limelight as a powerful nation thanks to the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il.”

The above-said facts are the south Korean people’s profound reverence for and trust in Kim Jong Il who defended the Korean nation with his indomitable spirit and matchless courage.

A member of pro-reunification organization poured out his heart at a debate held in Busan:

Chairman Kim Jong Il was a distinguished commander who made any formidable foes lick the dust and shudder with a thunderous dictate. The north Korean people became a dignified one and the KPA turned into the invincible armed forces under the leadership of the Chairman. The US styling itself as the “only superpower in the world” dares not provoke north Korea. The south Koreans came to realize clearly through north Korea that only when a nation is led by a great man the army and people become stronger and its history is brilliant.

A member of the civic organization in Gwangju said that it is natural for the south Korean people are filled with admiration at the peerless brilliant commander and the Songun politics, he continued:

North Korea defends its national dignity and sovereignty, crushing the reckless war maneuvers of the US and its followers against north Korea.

The south Koreans should know when north Korea consolidates its national defense the Korean nation would be dignified, peaceful and prosperous.

The Songun politics is a mental precious sword securing the Korean nation.

The Songun politics brought about successive victories in nuclear face-off between Pyongyang and Washington. It is thanks to a powerful nuclear deterrent made by Kim Jong Il that north Korea makes a vigorous progress for final victory, frustrating the US and its vassal nations’ intrigue to isolate and strangle north Korea, the south Koreans added with emotion that the Chairman defended north Korean socialism by achieving the great cause of nuclear possession, a researcher stressed in a reunification forum.

A politician in Seoul wrote in his article:

Chairman Kim Jong Il crushed the US sinister designs at every step by wisely leading the army and people with his Songun politics. His army guidance that recorded in history of the nation and world arrested world attention, striking the world people with admiration. The south Koreans saw the truth that how strong north Korea’s military muscle is.

The pro-reunification organizations in Gyeonggi Province and Incheon wrote in their websites that north Korea became a nuclear weapons state by the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il and the Korean nation is highlighted as a dignified one in the world. He was a peerless patriot and savior who delivered the Korean nation from the imperialists’ scheme to strangle the latter.

Chairman Kim Jong Il made haughty Washington, which poses itself as a master of the world, kiss the ground. Washington has made frantic efforts to reduce north Korea to submission through persistent blockade and military pressure, in contrary, the US hung out a white flag. The undying feats of Kim Jong Il, who placed north Korea on the status of an independent nuclear weapons state and provided a robust foundations for national reunification and prosperity, will remain forever in the history of the nation, the south Korean progressive mass media described.

Marshal Kim Jong Un stands in the center of the Korean nation.

Led by Kim Jong Un, who upholds the revolutionary idea and leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the future of the Korean nation is brighter and the cause of Korea’s reunification will surely be achieved.


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