south Korean resistance

Most Americans are unaware of this fact, but south Korea today is one of the prime battle zones of national liberation stuggle in the world. Since 1945, when American military forces occupied the southern half of Korea, which had just liberated itself from Japanese colonialism, south Korea has been ruled by an authoritarian dictatorship of pro-American businessmen, most of whom were actually pro-Japanese during World War 2, who cruelly oppress the south Korean people. Meanwhile the legitimate Korean government, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which has built a succesful socialist state in north Korea that unlike all the others has triumphantly stayed the course of revolution against all capitalist and revisionist onslaughts works always under the leadership of comrade Kim Jong Un to reunify their divided homeland and expel the invading Americans. As North American revolutionaries it imperative that we ally with our class comrades in south and north Korea and work to bring the US occupation to an end. To help in this effort, NACAZAI will on this page be uploading news updates from the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea, the vanguard party of the south Korean working class and national liberation movement.

Imperishable feats along with national history (June 14 2013)

Holding fast to Independence (July 1 2013)

Safeguarding national sovereignty and dignity (July 10 2013)

Historic event in history of reunification movement (July 13 2013)

July of Eternal Victory (July 20 2013)


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