NACAZAI Mission Statement

NACAZAI Mission Statement

July 1 2004


During the founding meeting in Chicago ‑ May 12, 2001, the North America Committee Against Zionism and Racism (NACAZAR) came to be.

A group of mostly leftist Arabs concerned with the threat of normalization with Zionism that targeted the Arab community and the international community at large, founded the committee to combat normalization with the Zionist entity inside North America.

The project of normalization with “israel”( from here on called the Zionist entity) is  an  imperialist project that solicited the help of the Arab and Palestinian comprador to give the Zionist occupation of Palestine a legitimacy; and to create normalized relations with  its creation “Israel”.

 This in the hopes of securing recognition for its existence as well as the much sought after security.

 This project took on full steam in the Oslo [imperialist-Zionist-Arab comprador] project of 1993, dubbed with the misnomer “peace process”.  It had as its sponsor the Arab comprador of Egypt, Jordan and later the Saudis and the Palestinian leadership of the PA (Palestinian Authority, headed by Yasir Arafat).

This was the peace project of imperialism and Zionism and the sustaining of the Arab regimes, not the peace of the popular classes of poor and working class Arabs who rejected this process and initiated instead their armed resistance movement in the form of the glorious Palestinian Alaqsa Intifadah of 2000.

This sudden burst of Palestinian anger dealt in a heartbeat, a fatalistic blow to the conspiracy of the US led imperialist-Zionist-Arab comprador Oslo project.

The then Clinton administration of 1993 seeking to win the two sought after requirements of the Zionist entity:


  1. Arab      Recognition for the Zionist entity
  2. Security      for the Zionist entity


Convinced the Palestinian comprador to remove segments of the Palestinian National Charter that called for the destruction of “Israel”.

Thus the project of normalizing of relations with “Israel”, and to introduce it to the Arab people for acceptance, was thrust forward in full force by the US imperialists.

All this was set of course after the 9/11 attacks on US imperialism.

The US was forcibly diverted from the path of normalization by its so-called “war on terrorism”. And NACAZAR as the Arabs and Muslims in the US were oppressed in a campaign of oppression and intimidation.

This in effect put a freeze on the work of NACAZAR especially within the Arab and

Muslim communities.


To add to the US’ panic, disarray, and oppressive measures, the growing strength and effective combat of the Alqsa Intifadah  shattered its follow-up plan of “Road Map” and in effect the new Palestinian US puppet of Mahmoud Abbas was brought down by the increasing effectiveness of the military action and popularity of the Intifadah.


In Iraq more pressure was forced onto the US. Its Iraq quick decisive victory turned into an occupation nightmare.


The US military occupation was shattered and the Iraqi resistance made the US imperialists seek a way out of Iraq in an ever growing mudslide.


Today the US imperialists have not abandoned seeking security for their imperialist outpost in the Zionist entity. The project for normalization with “israel” is still an important step for US imperialists who wish to create a base for them in the Arab world.

The creation of “Israel” has always been to serve imperialists interests in blocking the unification and liberation of the Arab homeland. In essence “Israel” is the military outpost for US imperialism. Thus it follows that no defeat of “Israel” is ever accomplished without the defeat of US imperialism.

Recognizing the integral relationship of Zionism and capitalism-imperialism a group of  the original founders of NACAZAR wished to continue the work of NACAZAR by establishing a new committee (NACAZAI) focusing the attention this time on confronting Zionism and imperialism and continuing with the work already set forth by NACAZAR.

Recognizing that Zionism and capitalism are intertwined and that no confrontation of one can be accomplished without confronting the other, the new founders of NACAZAI consider this a great meeting point for all political forces that are genuinely anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist to converge weeding out the common leftist opportunism that is found with regards to the liberation of Arab Palestine.


NACAZAI will not ignore the valuable contributions of its predecessor NACAZAR and we will provide the important Historical document that was drafted by NACAZAR on our website for the valuable information it presents with regards to the issue of normalization and the Arab Zionist conflict.

But we at NACAZAI are clear that in order to effectively defeat Zionism and the normalization project of US imperialism and Zionism together we must present ourselves as clearly for not only an Arab Palestine but also as anti-capitalists.

We invite individuals and political forces to support our effort and rally around the banner of death to Zionism and death to imperialism.






The definition of normalization can be found in the Historical Document drafted by NACAZAR.



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