Iraqi resistance

It is common knowledge to all viewers of American media that in 2003 the USA invaded the nation of Iraq, a nation that posed no threat to American security despite the lies of Bush and his cronies, and overthrew the legitimate government of President Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party, a socialist, secular government that had made amazing progress in modernization, education, womens rights, and gay rights over the 35 years it held power after the April 1968 Iraqi revolution. As long as Saddam was alive Iraq was the leader of the Arab peoples in their campaign to liberate Palestine, a fight from which Iraq never compromised, unlike so many other suposed anti-Zionist regimes; and Iraq was a friend to all other nations struggling for liberation worldwide. Today, with the assistance of the reactionary religious fundamentalist regime in Iran, America continues to oppress the Iraqi nation through their puppet Maliki clique. However the Baath party under the brave leadership today of comrade Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri continues to fight for the liberation of the Iraqi people. The Iraqi resistance today is like a second Vietnamese struggle and all revolutionaries worldwide must be aware of and support this fight. We at NACAZAI will be printing news from Iraq on this page – news the mainstream bourgeois media will never tell you.

Inside Iraq Today (April 21, 2013)

The Hweyjah Massacre and the mobilization of the Iraqi Revolution (April 24, 2013)


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