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Solidarity with the students of CUNY ! Down with the war criminal David Petraeus !

The oppressed people of America have made their anti-imperialist voices heard through the brave action of the students at City University of New York in their protest against the war criminal of Iraq and Afghanistan, former general and IA chief David Petraeus. Six students have been arrested in the course of the protest, meanwhile the outcry has gained momentum and many CUNY academic have joined with the students in calling for Petraeus’s firing. NACAZAI commends the revolutionary action of these young warriors of the proletariat, you have shown the world that American revolutionary consciousness is not dead, it lives, and war crimes must not go unpunished. We salute you and invite you to work with us of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism to further advance the struggle !


“Let Us Add Eternal Brilliance to Comrade Kim Jong Il’s Great Idea and Achievements of the Songun Revolution”

Kim Jong Un
Nacazai note : This is a speech given by the leader of Korea on August 25th commemorating the 53rd anniversary of the late Kim Jong Il’s beginning of his political work, we publish it here because we feel the Songun idea is one that can help the world resistance movement as a whole, our notes and comments on this will appear in a separate article in a few days……

With deep respect for the great Comrade Kim Jong Il and firm confidence in the victory of the revolution, our service personnel and people greet the 53rd anniversary of the start of his leadership of the Songun revolution.
The Day of Songun, when General Kim Jong Il started his leadership of the Songun revolution, is, together with the day of the founding of the KPA (Korean People’s Army), a historic day when an important milestone was set up for the history of building up our revolutionary armed forces and the history of our country. As there was this significant day, a historic turn could be brought about in developing our revolutionary armed forces and implementing the cause of the Juche revolution, and the history and traditions of our sacred Songun revolution that had been pioneered and developed by force of arms, achieving victory, could be carried forward continuously.
Songun is a proud tradition of the Korean revolution which was pioneered by Comrade Kim Il Sung and led by him and Comrade Kim Jong Il and the banner of victory and glory.
The great Generalissimos blazed the trail of the Songun revolution for the first time in history, thus creating a new history of Songun and ushering in the era of Songun.
Having clarified in his early days the truth of the revolutionary struggle that one can emerge victorious against an armed enemy only when one fights him with arms and advanced the idea and line of attaching importance to arms, to military affairs, the great Comrade Kim Il Sung regarded building armed forces as a fundamental problem in the revolution, directed primary efforts to organizing and developing the armed ranks and achieved the historic cause of national liberation with the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army as the main force.
By relying on the arms of the revolution, he wisely led two revolutionary wars, two stages of social revolution and socialist construction, and thus built on this land socialism of our style centred on the masses of the people and demonstrated the dignity and honour of the country.
Comrade Kim Jong Il, who was faithful to Comrade Kim Il Sung’s ideas and cause, led our revolution along the glorious road of victory, braving the severe trials and adversities of history by dint of his unique leadership of the Songun revolution.
His visit to Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the KPA on August 25, 1960 was a historic event that proclaimed his succession of the cause of the Songun revolution and the start of his Songun-based leadership.
Songun was the General’s revolutionary idea, his practice in the revolution, his political ideal and his political mode.
During the long period spanning more than half a century from the day when he started his leadership of the Songun revolution, the great General visited one KPA unit after another, strengthening the army to be an invincible revolutionary army, and victoriously led the revolution and construction by force of Songun.
Regarding the strengthening of the KPA as the most important of affairs in the Songun revolution, he raised the KPA as the buttress, the main force, of our revolution and achieved the historic victory in the grim anti-imperialist, anti-US showdown in defence of the country’s security and socialism by training the KPA to be the army of the leader boundlessly faithful to the cause of the WPK (Workers’ Party of Korea), to be an invincible revolutionary army. He defined the spirit of defending the leader unto death, the spirit of implementing his instructions at any cost and the self-sacrificing spirit displayed by the service personnel as a revolutionary spirit symbolic and representative of the Songun era, as the revolutionary soldier spirit, and led all the service personnel and people to live and struggle in that spirit, thus ensuring that a great turn and changes were brought about in all sectors of the revolution and construction.
In order to consolidate the successes of his Songun-based leadership and administer Songun politics in a comprehensive way, he saw to it that the First Session of the Tenth Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea adopted the Socialist Constitution that embodies the idea and principles of the Songun revolution and established a new state administration structure, whose backbone is the National Defence Commission, and led all state affairs to be conducted on the principle of giving precedence to military affairs.
The history of his leadership of the Songun revolution is an unprecedented history of thoroughgoing anti-imperialist independence, a history of infinite patriotic devotion; it is also a history of ennobling trust and affection, filled with absolute trust in and maternal affection for the service personnel and people.
As there was the General’s leadership of the Songun revolution, our revolution could win victory after victory surmounting all manner of vicissitudes of history; as there was the General’s super-intense forced march of patriotic devotion, our service personnel and people could work historic miracles unknown to mankind.
Songun was, indeed, our General’s immutable revolutionary creed, which he cherished and applied all his life, and a great revolutionary practice, during which he adorned the history of the country with brilliant victories and imperishable achievements.
In the course of leading the unprecedented Songun revolution, the General formulated and developed the idea of the Songun revolution, and thus created a guiding principle and ever-victorious banner our people and the revolutionary peoples of the world should adhere to in accomplishing the cause of independence.
The idea of the Songun revolution is an idea of giving importance and precedence to military affairs in implementing the masses’ cause of independence, the socialist cause, and pushing ahead with the overall revolution and construction with the revolutionary army as the core force.
With its starting point being the Juche-based revolutionary principle that the victory of the revolutionary cause is decided by arms of the revolution, the idea gives scientific and practical answers to the key questions arising in winning victory in the revolution.
It clarifies the revolutionary theory on building up the arms of the revolution, the revolutionary army, strengthening the driving force of the revolution with the revolutionary army as the core and, by relying on it, advancing the revolution and construction victoriously.
Its most important requirement is that the army should be developed into the army of the Party and the leader, into an invincible revolutionary army capable of defeating any formidable enemy, with importance being attached to military affairs and primary efforts directed to building up the army.
In order for the masses to carve out their destiny and accomplish the cause of socialism amid sharp confrontation with the imperialists and constant danger of war, they must, before anything else, firmly hold up and strengthen the arms of the revolution. It is a serious lesson taught by the history of the world socialist movement that when the arms of the revolution are weak or waver, they can defend neither the destiny of the masses nor socialism.
That one must consolidate the driving force of the revolution with the revolutionary army as the main force and propel the revolutionary struggle and construction work by relying on its leading role is a new revolutionary theory elucidated by the Songun idea.
The revolution is a do-or-die struggle of deciding who prevails over whom between the revolutionary forces and the counterrevolutionary forces, so the destiny of the revolution depends on how the driving force of the revolution is strengthened and how its role is enhanced.
Among the social groups that form the revolutionary forces in a socialist society, whose masters are the masses, the group that is the strongest in the revolutionary sense, organized aspect, discipline and fighting capabilities is the revolutionary army under the guidance of the leader. The revolutionary army, for its revolutionary idea, great spiritual strength and revolutionary temperament, is capable of leading the overall society and propelling the revolutionary struggle and construction work. If the revolutionary army stands in the van and all the people struggle with the revolutionary spirit and temperament of the army by forming an integrated whole with the service personnel, their power is incomparably great.
By the idea of the Songun revolution, a new road, a road to victory, was opened for successfully advancing the masses’ cause of independence, the socialist cause, by consolidating the driving force of the revolution and enhancing its role.
The General’s idea of the Songun revolution throws a fresh light on the political theory that Songun politics is the most powerful mode of politics and the basic mode of socialist politics.
Ideas and ideals are translated into practice by politics, which is a factor that decides the destiny of the masses and the rise and fall of a country and nation.
The great General elucidated for the first time in history that socialist politics for fully realizing the independent demands and interests of the masses should be Songun politics that gives importance and precedence to military affairs, and formulated Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics.
As he said, Songun politics is a mode of socialist politics that raises military affairs as the most important of all state affairs and defends the country, revolution and socialism and accelerates the overall socialist construction with the KPA as the core, as the main force. It is a mode of independent politics that fully embodies the fundamentals and principles of the Songun idea.
Formulation of Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics has brought about a fundamental change in the history of mankind’s politics and the history of socialist politics and presented a treasured sword with which to successfully realize the ideals and principles of socialism.
The General’s Songun idea is a revolutionary idea and theory which embodies a thoroughgoing anti-imperialist, independent stand and the spirit of ennobling love of the country, nation and people and which is based on an iron faith and willpower.
Songun, a new term in our era, was coined reflecting the unshakeable faith, willpower and great pluck of Comrade Kim Jong Il who, taking full responsibility for the destiny and future of the country and people amid long-drawn-out, sharp confrontation with an imperialist power, solved all problems in our own way and in conformity with the demands and interests of our people and nation. As we have the idea of the Songun revolution, a great idea of Comrade Kim Jong Il, we have been able to defend the dignity of the country, independence of the people and gains of socialism with credit and open the way for the prosperity of the country and rosy future of the nation by our own strength, that is, by force of arms.
As an idea enriched and developed in the course of the practical struggle to apply the Juche idea, the Songun idea is a scientific revolutionary theory which makes it possible to satisfy the requirements of the Juche idea in a perfect and comprehensive way.
The formulation and development of the idea and theory of the Songun revolution by the great Comrade Kim Jong Il further enriched the ideological and theoretical treasure-house of our revolution and greatly increased the appeal and vitality of the Juche idea.
The Juche idea is the roots of the Songun idea and the latter is a brilliant embodiment of the former.
Thanks to the Songun idea, the Juche idea could be splendidly applied to the revolutionary practice, shining more brightly as a great guiding ideology which guarantees the victorious advance and accomplishment of the masses’ cause of independence.
The General performed undying exploits for the country and revolution, for the times and history with his outstanding leadership of the Songun revolution.
He safeguarded with honour the Juche-oriented socialism, which Comrade Kim Il Sung established, and assured the solid continuity of the revolutionary cause of Juche, the revolutionary cause of Songun, by dint of his leadership of the Songun revolution.
The Juche-oriented socialism is a precious gain of our revolution Comrade Kim Il Sung achieved devoting his life, and it is our people’s lifeblood and the cradle of their true life and happiness. The 90s of the last century, when the reckless anti-DPRK moves of the allied forces of the US and other imperialists to check the victorious advance of our revolution and stamp out our socialism went to extremes, was a period of the severest ordeals for our revolution. When our army and people were at the crossroads whether they would remain an independent people and guards to become victors or be reduced to the imperialists’ colonial slaves again, Comrade Kim Jong Il determinedly held up the banner of Songun, and defended the Juche-oriented socialism with honour and achieved brilliant victories. This was a miracle of history which only our General could bring about.
By dint of his leadership of the Songun revolution he laid a firm foundation for the prosperity of the country and the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche and provided a sure guarantee for victory.
The most important guarantee for victory in the revolution is to strengthen the party, the General Staff of the revolution, and solidify the driving force of the revolution by uniting the service personnel and people around it.
A fundamental principle which the great General consistently adhered to in the building of our Party was to build it into the party of the leader. He defined imbuing the entire Party with Kimilsungism as the ultimate objective of its building and wisely led the effort for firmly establishing a monolithic ideological system and a monolithic leadership system across the Party. As a result, our Party could be developed into a revolutionary party which is unfailingly faithful to the ideology and guidance of its leader and possessed of a strong sense of organization and discipline and into an ever-victorious party with solid mass and military bases, and could discharge its mission and role as the guiding force in implementing the cause of the Songun revolution. The General held up single-hearted unity as the greatest foundation of the revolution and perfectly realized the single-hearted unity of the Party, army and people centred on the leader, thus strengthening the driving force of the Songun revolution remarkably.
By strengthening the KPA to be an invincible army and consolidating the military capabilities of the country to the maximum with the KPA as the core, he provided a sure military guarantee for the victory of the cause of the Juche revolution.
Under his energetic guidance, the KPA developed into a vanguard detachment which regards defending the leader unto death as its lifeblood and takes the lead in implementing the orders of its Supreme Commander at all costs, and into a trailblazer in the struggle to accomplish the cause of the Songun revolution. A forceful drive was waged to make the defence industry Juche-oriented, modern and informatized, enabling us to produce any sophisticated military equipment as we wish by relying on our own effort and technology. Thanks to the General’s outstanding leadership of the Songun revolution, the KPA could be developed into an invincible revolutionary army, ours could become a country which can make and launch artificial satellites and a nuclear state, fully demonstrating its dignity as the powerful Paektusan nation, and we could reliably defend the dignity of the country and the sovereignty of the nation, frustrating the imperialist moves of aggression and challenges at every step.
The great General laid firm material and technological foundations for the building of a thriving socialist country.
Under his leadership a grand plan for building a prosperous country was unfolded during the days of the Arduous March and forced march, when our revolution was undergoing grim trials, and a hot wind of creating fresh miracles and innovations swept across the country. Fierce flames of the industrial revolution in the new century flared up ushering in the era of the knowledge economy, monumental structures symbolic of the era were built in all parts of the country and model works representative of Songun culture were created in large numbers. What our service personnel and people created in the Songun era under his guidance constitutes a valuable asset for the prosperity of Kim Il Sung’s nation and Kim Jong Il’s Korea.
The great General effected a fresh turn in the struggle for the independent reunification of the country and firmly defended global peace and security on the strength of his leadership of the Songun revolution. He ushered in the June 15 era of reunification by our nation itself, provided a precious asset for the reunification of the country and the common prosperity of the nation and safeguarded peace in Asia and the rest of the world by smashing the imperialists’ uninterrupted schemes to unleash a war.
The great exploits Comrade Kim Jong Il performed for the country and revolution, for the times and history for more than half a century by dint of his tireless leadership of the Songun revolution will shine for ever along with the triumphant advance of our revolutionary cause.
We should faithfully carry forward his great idea and achievements of the Songun revolution and add eternal brilliance to them.
The idea of the Songun revolution is a great guideline of our revolution and his Songun-based leadership exploits are a motive force for victory.
It is the unshakeable faith and unbreakable will of our Party, army and people to carry forward and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche, invariably holding aloft the banner of Songun.
We should follow to the end the road of Songun, the road of independence and the road of socialism that the great General traversed throughout his life, translate his instructions into brilliant realities and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche, the revolutionary cause of Songun, with credit.
All officials, Party members and other working people should firmly arm themselves with the General’s idea of the Songun revolution, deeply study his great Songun leadership achievements and thoroughly apply and add lustre to them in the revolutionary struggle and construction work.
The line of giving importance to arms, to military affairs, should be implemented to the letter for the strengthening of the defence capabilities of the country to be steel-strong.
The KPA should be prepared more firmly into an army strong in ideology and faith, a powerful Paektusan revolutionary army.
Leadership of the Party is the lifeline of the KPA, and its might is inconceivable separated from the leadership of the Party. The general direction ahead of the KPA is one, that is, to advance straight forward with guns levelled in the very direction our Party indicates. Our arms must serve as an ever-lasting cornerstone that ensures a sure guarantee for the Party and its cause.
The officers and men of the KPA should burn their hearts with a single idea, a single determination, to support only the Party and the leader and safeguard them unto death, whatever ordeals may crop up and however the situation may change. They should equip themselves firmly with the revolutionary ideas of our Party and cherish a steadfast faith that they will defend to the end the red flag of the revolution, the Juche flag of the Party, at the cost of their lives.
They should make their training more intensive, as the anti-Japanese guerrillas did on Mt. Paektu, so as to prepare themselves into a-match-for-a-hundred combatants possessed of Kim Il Sung’s and Kim Jong Il’s military strategy and tactics, heroic combat spirit and actual war capability, establish rigid discipline in their units and assume the perfect appearance of a regular army.
Military posts and barracks should be laid out as if they were the service personnel’s native houses, and satisfactory material and cultural living conditions provided so that they can lead a good service life.
While discharging their basic duty of defending the country, the service personnel should make breakthroughs in several sectors and major projects of socialist construction, and never feel contented in doing things for the people but always take the lead in this regard.
A great effort should be channeled into developing the defence industry. The sector of the defence industry should concentrate its efforts on making a bigger stride in building our country into an invincible military power, and thus produce more and better-quality military hardware of our own style that are precise, light, unmanned and intelligent.
The Worker-Peasant Red Guards should enhance their combat capabilities through intensive combat and political training and reliably defend their respective provinces, counties and villages in time of emergency.
All the sectors of socialist construction should bring about a great leap forward and great innovations.
We should radically improve the people’s standard of living by giving a spur to the building of an economic giant, holding aloft our Party’s line of simultaneously promoting the two fronts (economic development and the upbuilding of nuclear forces).
We should make innovations in the sectors of agriculture and light industry, major thrust areas in building an economic giant, and promote construction of dwelling houses, so as to ensure that the people lead an affluent and happy life.
We should concentrate our efforts on the priority sectors of the national economy, the basic industry sectors, to ensure that the existing self-supporting foundations pay off, and vigorously push ahead with the effort for modernizing them and normalizing their production. We should direct a strenuous effort to the electric-power and coal-mining industries in particular, and develop all sectors of the national economy with metallurgical and chemical industries as twin pillars.
By rapidly developing science and technology and educating all the people to be well versed in science and technology, we should raise the level of putting the national economy on a modern and CNC basis and perfect the economic structure of the country in keeping with the requirements of the era of the knowledge economy.
We should accelerate the construction of a cultured socialist nation. It is important to make all the members of society become artists and enjoyers of socialist culture and bring about a fresh turn in all the sectors of cultural construction. By doing so, we should translate into reality the people’s desire for a wholesome and cultured way of life.
In order to bring about a decisive turn in the construction of a thriving socialist country, the militant functions and role of Party organizations should be further heightened.
Party organizations are the vanguard organizations of the Songun revolution, and the Party’s ideology and leadership are implemented through them. They should regard it as the main line of Party work to establish the monolithic leadership system of the Party, and ensure that all officials, Party members and other working people support the leader’s ideas and leadership with loyalty and conduct all types of work in line with the Party’s ideas and intentions.
In the current general offensive, Party organizations should give fullest play to the spiritual strength of officials, Party members and other working people. The mother of miracle is the spiritual strength of the masses, and the key to ushering in a new heyday in the building of a thriving nation is to motivate their hearts.
Party organizations should scrupulously educate officials, Party members and other working people to learn the greatness of the General’s idea and achievements of the Songun revolution and exalt their brilliance. They should intensify the frontline-style political work among the masses so that officials, Party members and other working people make it an element of their living to learn from the spirit of the service personnel of defending the leader and carrying out his instructions unto death and their fighting spirit, and make strenuous efforts to create the Masikryong speed by displaying Kim Jong Il’s patriotism.
The service personnel and people should propel the grand socialist construction on the strength of joint operation.
Joint operation between them is a powerful struggling mode of the service personnel and people in waging an unyielding offensive with one mind and purpose. The commanding personnel of the KPA and leading civilian officials should scrupulously organize and command the joint operations and enlist their spiritual strength and all means to perform unfailingly and in time the revolutionary tasks assigned to their respective units.
True to the instructions and lofty will of the great Generalissimos, we should make proactive efforts to open a new phase of national reunification, prevent aggression and war and defend global peace and security.
The idea and cause of our Songun revolution are invincible.
As the great Juche idea and the Songun revolutionary idea illuminate the road ahead of us and there are the wise leadership of the Party, the single-hearted unity of all the service personnel and people and the invincible KPA, the victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche and the revolutionary cause of Songun is definite.
As in the past, so in the future, we will achieve only victory for ever, upholding the great banner of Songun

65 years of socialism and resistance – Happy Birthday DPRK !

September 9th is the 65th anniversary of the proclamation founding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea given by Kim Il Sung in 1948. In those 65 years the DPRK has built itself into a socialist paradise where all enjoy free housing, food, medical care, education, the right to employment and holiday, and to never have to pay any taxes. The DPRK has achieved levels of socialism that no other socialist experiment ever did – and furthermore the DPRK has stayed true to socialism and never given in to the capitalists a bit as Russia, China and sadly even Cuba have done……..the DPRK is also a military power with nuclear missiles and suitcase bombs that can destroy the world if anyone so dare attack it, a shining light to the world that a small nation can successfully resist the imperialist behemoth. As we think about Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places suffering under Amerikan military intervention let us look to Korea, the true land of the free, the true home of the brave and learn from them – if we apply Juche and Songun, being weak we will become strong, being slaves we will become masters of our destiny. Manse Manse, 10,000 more years to the great DPRK !6537447479_095477a950


N.A.C.A.Z.A.I. condemns the call of the Obama administration to initiate military strikes against Syria, a sovereign nation that poses no threat to the American people- this is the action of a bully and a thug.

While the desires for political change made by the Arab Syrian people are to be supported, the suffering caused by both the Syrian regime and NATO – backed forces must come to an end. It is ultimately in the hands of the Arab Syrian people to make political change for themselves,and not for the US nor NATO to decide.

Furthermore, we consider this call by the Obama administration to be against the interests of the American working class and against the interests of the Arab Syrian people alike. Even the imperialist-lackey parliament of the UK has recognised the disastrous consequences and have refused to participate in any military strikes.

These planned moves by Obama are on behalf of the interests of Wall Street businessmen, the corporate ruling elite, feeding into imperialist goals to expand the empire in support of the Zionist state of “israel”.

War will bring ruin and destruction to the Arab people of Syria much as it brought ruin and destruction to the Arab people of Iraq.

Public protests opposing this war and this war hungry administration should be mobilized inside the US by progressive forces inside the USA.

Together we will defeat imperialism and Zionism!

NACAZAI celebrates Korea’s Liberation Day

August 15th, the end of the second world war, is the liberation day for Korea. After 40 years of Japanese colonial slavery, the independence guerilla fighters led by Kim Il Sung freed their country and began to build a socialist paradise. The lessons Kim Il Sung learned during his 13 year war against Japan have revolutionised military strategy and provided new examples of how oppressed peoples worldwide can win back their freedom. NACAZAI celebrates Liberation Day along with our Korean comrades and we ask all our comrades fighting for liberation themselves remember the success of Korea and learn from them so that we can be free as well. Kim Il Sung’s memoirs With the Century tell the story of how he liberated Korea and that book should be required reading for all serious anti-imperialists engaged in armed struggle worldwide as we think of Korea’s liberation. May the world share in the joy of independence and let us all build our own August 15th !

New Speech from Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, leader of the Iraqi Resistance !


45th Anniversary of the July 17-30th Iraqi Revolution
Speech delivered by commander Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, secretary general of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party and commander of the Higher Command for Jihad and Liberation and the National Salvation Front of Iraq.
Dear comrades,

Here we are on the 45th anniversary of the great July 17-30 Iraqi revolution. We are also in our 11th year from the birth of the Iraqi resistance in a war which has claimed the lives of 2 million Iraqi martyrs and 150, 000 Baath Arab Socialist Party martyrs that have given their lives for their country.

To the West I say, where is the humanism you talk about, when Iraq the craddle of civiliation is now being slaughtered ?

To the Arab rulers, why are you silent towards Iraq; are you afraid of the US ? Then look how the US has sunk in the mudslide of its Iraq invasion !

Look at the historical defeat of America by the Iraqi resistance, it has run away and handed over Iraq to Iran. The US promised Iraq luxury and prosperity and left it in misery and destruction and sectarian killing. What the US gave us was a complete destruction of the industrial, agricultural, and infrastructural achievements Iraq had accomplished after the July 17-30 revolution. Instead now we have the deliberate targetting through assassinations and forced emigration of the best minds and the best educated of Iraq.

To the Iraqi resistance, know that the Iraqi police and government troops are still members of the Iraqi people and should not be targetted except those inserted Safawis who came from Iran. Also know that the sectarian killings are perpetrated by the Safawi exclusively and not by Al-Qaida who have been blamed for sectarian killings which they have not done; they are our brothers in Jihad, the good amongst them who only target the enemy and not the innocent of our people, they should be considered as part of the common Jihad we wage against the occupiers although officially they are not part of the Iraqi resistance that is represented by the higher command for Jihad and liberation and national salvation.

I say to all that the ABSP in its ideology and practice has and will always fight sectarianism and not sects, whether Sunni, Shia or Christian; and that the ABSP has always fought against racism and not races, and if it ever faltered in this regard then the blame lays on the leadership and no one else.

Let the Safawis know we will fight sectarianism and racism anywhere we find it without mercy whether inside our party or outside and we will work for the free democratic united progressive socialist advanced society we will build in Iraq and throughout the Arab Homeland.

Moreover, the July revolution had to fend off the conspiracies of spies and agents from its inception, passing through several attempts at corrupting its path including its clash with the Kurds, a war which could have been avoided with much lower cost, and that eventually resulted in the historical declaration that we accepted for Kurdish self autonomy rule. Then came the Safawi Khomeini invasion of Iraq that we were able to repel with the help of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries until the great July revolution was lured into invading Kuwait in that historical blunder that we committed by falling into the trap built by the enemies of our nation the alliance of imperialism, Zonism, and Safawis. That mistake derailed our July revolution from the honorable hopes our Arab nation has placed on it to lead the road of liberation of Palestine and Ahwaz and all usurped Arab lands and to accomplish the unity of our nation and the construction of its accomplished future.

This is what the invaders wanted the total destruction of Iraq and the uprooting of the ABSP. They killed 2 million Iraqis and made refugees of millions of others, placed thousands in jail, dissolved the national army and tried to destroy the Baath whom in its own right gave 150,000 martyrs. What they couldn’t do was to destroy the Baath and the Iraqi army that fights them. What they couldn’t do is destroy the Iraqi will and character. Those they shall never be able to destroy. They destroyed everything except the complete Iraqi personality that history will cite in its ability to confront the invaders heroically and with great self sacrifice and that will become a great inspiration for many Arab generations to come.

Today as we speak about the July revolution we can’t give it its due as its many thousands of accomplishments included building one of the leading nations in the world in its struggle for freedom, development, and advancement. This revolution liberated Iraq’s natural resources, developed its industry, agriculture, education, and health and prepared the best of scientists, researchers, and the best promising young generations to come.

From here in Baghdad I say, the July revolution that prepared the best national army that valiantly fought and was victorious over a 35 year period in Palestine, Syria, Egypt and especially in the battle against Iran in the second Qadiseyah. I encourage all our patriotic writers and researchers to write about the great accomplishments of the July revolution against the media imposed blackout and against the fabricated lies. Write as the minister of oil the patriotic Issam Aljalabi wrote fueled by his patriotic love of Iraq when he wrote to the acommplishments of Iraq in the oil sector and as such set a great example for others. When you do write though, set the mistakes we made aside for now as there will be a time for us to talk about those later.

On this occasion we in the ABSP and the command of the higher command of liberation and jihad and the national salvation front and Iraq’s national army pledge to combat and pursue all remenants of the occupation in Iraq and to expel the dreaded Safawi invasion of our country and to expel all its agents. On this glorious occasion we call on all the Arab fighters to meaningfully unify our struggles in a real solid front to fight the colonial invaders before it is too late.
Let us all agree inside Iraq on one goal and that is to drive the Iranian Safawi invasion from our country and as such I send a call to those souls that committed the mistake of collaberating with the Iranian Safawi invaders that the time for repentment and return is still open. So repent before its too late and know that if the upcoming Iraqi revolution won’t crush you then the Safawis themselves will crush you in betrayal.

On this occasion I send salutations to our comrades in prison such as Tariq Aziz and his comrades. Salutations to the memory of the first leader, the brave Ahmed Hasan alBakr, greetings to our fallen martyr comrade leader the soul of Saddam Hussein.

To the soul of the Baathist hero the valiant father of Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash.

Blessings to our martyrs in Iraq and Palestine.

May allah safe guard you all for our struggle.

Lastly, I wish to send Ramadan happy wishes to our people in Iraq, the Arab nation, and Islamic world may we have many more victories over our enemies to come.

Wa alsalamou aleikom wa rahmato allah wa barakatoh.

Protest this Thursday the new Zionist oppressions in Palestine !

As if it couldn’t get any worse for Palestinians living under Zionist rule, now the Knesset of “israel” has approved a new law known as the Prawer Plan which involves the forced settlement of Bedouin Arabs away from their traditional nomadic lifestyle. 80,000 people at least will be affected by this new law. The Bedouins are a millenia old people who are legendary and well known throughout the world but now the Zionist regime is attempting to destroy them.

Palestinian activists have called for worldwide protests this Thursday, August 1st, in front of all “israeli” and American embassies worldwide against the Prawer plan. NACAZAI strongly seconds this call and ask all American anti-imperialists to gather together on Thursday and let your voice be heard against this latest atrocity of Zionism !