65 years of socialism and resistance – Happy Birthday DPRK !

September 9th is the 65th anniversary of the proclamation founding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea given by Kim Il Sung in 1948. In those 65 years the DPRK has built itself into a socialist paradise where all enjoy free housing, food, medical care, education, the right to employment and holiday, and to never have to pay any taxes. The DPRK has achieved levels of socialism that no other socialist experiment ever did – and furthermore the DPRK has stayed true to socialism and never given in to the capitalists a bit as Russia, China and sadly even Cuba have done……..the DPRK is also a military power with nuclear missiles and suitcase bombs that can destroy the world if anyone so dare attack it, a shining light to the world that a small nation can successfully resist the imperialist behemoth. As we think about Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places suffering under Amerikan military intervention let us look to Korea, the true land of the free, the true home of the brave and learn from them – if we apply Juche and Songun, being weak we will become strong, being slaves we will become masters of our destiny. Manse Manse, 10,000 more years to the great DPRK !6537447479_095477a950


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