NACAZAI celebrates Korea’s Liberation Day

August 15th, the end of the second world war, is the liberation day for Korea. After 40 years of Japanese colonial slavery, the independence guerilla fighters led by Kim Il Sung freed their country and began to build a socialist paradise. The lessons Kim Il Sung learned during his 13 year war against Japan have revolutionised military strategy and provided new examples of how oppressed peoples worldwide can win back their freedom. NACAZAI celebrates Liberation Day along with our Korean comrades and we ask all our comrades fighting for liberation themselves remember the success of Korea and learn from them so that we can be free as well. Kim Il Sung’s memoirs With the Century tell the story of how he liberated Korea and that book should be required reading for all serious anti-imperialists engaged in armed struggle worldwide as we think of Korea’s liberation. May the world share in the joy of independence and let us all build our own August 15th !


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