New Speech from Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, leader of the Iraqi Resistance !


45th Anniversary of the July 17-30th Iraqi Revolution
Speech delivered by commander Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, secretary general of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party and commander of the Higher Command for Jihad and Liberation and the National Salvation Front of Iraq.
Dear comrades,

Here we are on the 45th anniversary of the great July 17-30 Iraqi revolution. We are also in our 11th year from the birth of the Iraqi resistance in a war which has claimed the lives of 2 million Iraqi martyrs and 150, 000 Baath Arab Socialist Party martyrs that have given their lives for their country.

To the West I say, where is the humanism you talk about, when Iraq the craddle of civiliation is now being slaughtered ?

To the Arab rulers, why are you silent towards Iraq; are you afraid of the US ? Then look how the US has sunk in the mudslide of its Iraq invasion !

Look at the historical defeat of America by the Iraqi resistance, it has run away and handed over Iraq to Iran. The US promised Iraq luxury and prosperity and left it in misery and destruction and sectarian killing. What the US gave us was a complete destruction of the industrial, agricultural, and infrastructural achievements Iraq had accomplished after the July 17-30 revolution. Instead now we have the deliberate targetting through assassinations and forced emigration of the best minds and the best educated of Iraq.

To the Iraqi resistance, know that the Iraqi police and government troops are still members of the Iraqi people and should not be targetted except those inserted Safawis who came from Iran. Also know that the sectarian killings are perpetrated by the Safawi exclusively and not by Al-Qaida who have been blamed for sectarian killings which they have not done; they are our brothers in Jihad, the good amongst them who only target the enemy and not the innocent of our people, they should be considered as part of the common Jihad we wage against the occupiers although officially they are not part of the Iraqi resistance that is represented by the higher command for Jihad and liberation and national salvation.

I say to all that the ABSP in its ideology and practice has and will always fight sectarianism and not sects, whether Sunni, Shia or Christian; and that the ABSP has always fought against racism and not races, and if it ever faltered in this regard then the blame lays on the leadership and no one else.

Let the Safawis know we will fight sectarianism and racism anywhere we find it without mercy whether inside our party or outside and we will work for the free democratic united progressive socialist advanced society we will build in Iraq and throughout the Arab Homeland.

Moreover, the July revolution had to fend off the conspiracies of spies and agents from its inception, passing through several attempts at corrupting its path including its clash with the Kurds, a war which could have been avoided with much lower cost, and that eventually resulted in the historical declaration that we accepted for Kurdish self autonomy rule. Then came the Safawi Khomeini invasion of Iraq that we were able to repel with the help of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries until the great July revolution was lured into invading Kuwait in that historical blunder that we committed by falling into the trap built by the enemies of our nation the alliance of imperialism, Zonism, and Safawis. That mistake derailed our July revolution from the honorable hopes our Arab nation has placed on it to lead the road of liberation of Palestine and Ahwaz and all usurped Arab lands and to accomplish the unity of our nation and the construction of its accomplished future.

This is what the invaders wanted the total destruction of Iraq and the uprooting of the ABSP. They killed 2 million Iraqis and made refugees of millions of others, placed thousands in jail, dissolved the national army and tried to destroy the Baath whom in its own right gave 150,000 martyrs. What they couldn’t do was to destroy the Baath and the Iraqi army that fights them. What they couldn’t do is destroy the Iraqi will and character. Those they shall never be able to destroy. They destroyed everything except the complete Iraqi personality that history will cite in its ability to confront the invaders heroically and with great self sacrifice and that will become a great inspiration for many Arab generations to come.

Today as we speak about the July revolution we can’t give it its due as its many thousands of accomplishments included building one of the leading nations in the world in its struggle for freedom, development, and advancement. This revolution liberated Iraq’s natural resources, developed its industry, agriculture, education, and health and prepared the best of scientists, researchers, and the best promising young generations to come.

From here in Baghdad I say, the July revolution that prepared the best national army that valiantly fought and was victorious over a 35 year period in Palestine, Syria, Egypt and especially in the battle against Iran in the second Qadiseyah. I encourage all our patriotic writers and researchers to write about the great accomplishments of the July revolution against the media imposed blackout and against the fabricated lies. Write as the minister of oil the patriotic Issam Aljalabi wrote fueled by his patriotic love of Iraq when he wrote to the acommplishments of Iraq in the oil sector and as such set a great example for others. When you do write though, set the mistakes we made aside for now as there will be a time for us to talk about those later.

On this occasion we in the ABSP and the command of the higher command of liberation and jihad and the national salvation front and Iraq’s national army pledge to combat and pursue all remenants of the occupation in Iraq and to expel the dreaded Safawi invasion of our country and to expel all its agents. On this glorious occasion we call on all the Arab fighters to meaningfully unify our struggles in a real solid front to fight the colonial invaders before it is too late.
Let us all agree inside Iraq on one goal and that is to drive the Iranian Safawi invasion from our country and as such I send a call to those souls that committed the mistake of collaberating with the Iranian Safawi invaders that the time for repentment and return is still open. So repent before its too late and know that if the upcoming Iraqi revolution won’t crush you then the Safawis themselves will crush you in betrayal.

On this occasion I send salutations to our comrades in prison such as Tariq Aziz and his comrades. Salutations to the memory of the first leader, the brave Ahmed Hasan alBakr, greetings to our fallen martyr comrade leader the soul of Saddam Hussein.

To the soul of the Baathist hero the valiant father of Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash.

Blessings to our martyrs in Iraq and Palestine.

May allah safe guard you all for our struggle.

Lastly, I wish to send Ramadan happy wishes to our people in Iraq, the Arab nation, and Islamic world may we have many more victories over our enemies to come.

Wa alsalamou aleikom wa rahmato allah wa barakatoh.


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