Protest this Thursday the new Zionist oppressions in Palestine !

As if it couldn’t get any worse for Palestinians living under Zionist rule, now the Knesset of “israel” has approved a new law known as the Prawer Plan which involves the forced settlement of Bedouin Arabs away from their traditional nomadic lifestyle. 80,000 people at least will be affected by this new law. The Bedouins are a millenia old people who are legendary and well known throughout the world but now the Zionist regime is attempting to destroy them.

Palestinian activists have called for worldwide protests this Thursday, August 1st, in front of all “israeli” and American embassies worldwide against the Prawer plan. NACAZAI strongly seconds this call and ask all American anti-imperialists to gather together on Thursday and let your voice be heard against this latest atrocity of Zionism !


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