The Iraqi Resistance launches an attack against the sordid Abu Ghraib prison and frees hundreds of Iraqi prisoners !

1016877_493336190744839_965162942_ntranslated from the French original found at

This article contains more information on the resistance forces in Iraq successful operation against the infamous Abu Ghraib prison last week, as promised.

Eyewitnesses said that on Sunday, July 21, the Iraqi Resistance Army has attacked the notorious scene of U.S. occupiers tortures, Abu Ghraib, and released several leaders of the Resistance as well as hundreds of Iraqi prisoners.

The same sources indicate that following bloody clashes with the militia of the puppet government imposed by the US and, the government of US-Iranian puppet Maliki was forced to appeal to combat helicopters to try to contain the attack, without success.

The same sources added that ambulances and military vehicles continue in the same time to carry large numbers of corpses of dead and wounded among the militias puppet government to hospitals in the region.

Moreover, the witnesses stated that the battalions 54 and 11 of the criminal pro-Iranian Safawid army suffered serious losses in the confrontation with the Resistance at Abu Ghraib.

In addition, the Iraqi resistance continued for the second consecutive day to confront the militias of the Maliki government in the town of Taji, 30 km north of Baghdad.

Finally, the criminal pro-Iranian henchman of the mullahs, Nassir al-Ghanam, commander of the corps 17, has resigned and fled Iraq to an unknown destination, said the same sources.


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