July 27th is Korea’s Victory Day

July 27th this year will be the 60th anniversary of the Korean victory in their Fatherland Liberation War (known in the US as the Korean War), a war called forgotten by Americans, forgotten because Americans do not wish to remember the first war they lost in their history. The Korean victory was a triumph for the international proletariat in their anti-imperialist struggle for it showed that, in the words of Chairman Mao, the US was a “paper tiger” that was not the invincible superpower it claimed to be and that a small nation of people determined to be free at all costs could defeat the mighty imperialist giant. The lessons of the Korean war were studied used later on by the Vietnamese and other peoples in their wars with American imperialism. For the oppressed peoples inside America July 27th is also a day of victory because any action which weakens the regime that enslaves us is a benefit for our goal of liberation and revolution. We too can learn from the Korean people’s struggle much in the way of strategy, tactics, and ideology. NACAZAI calls on all anti-imperialists inside the US to join our class comrades in Korea and celebrate Victory Day !



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