Only a Revolution will bring Justice for Trayvon Martin

The streets of America are in turmoil as we speak, all justice-loving people are outraged over the recent verdict in Florida where George Zimmerman – a hobby cop who murdered an innocent 17 year old black person who was only buying Skittles and was judged to be a criminal by Zimmerman merely because of his appearance – was found innocent by an all white jury. The people of America are waking up to the fact that post-racial, multicultural, tolerant, Obama’s America, is an illusion and the real AmeriKKKa is as white power racist as it always was. Racism is needed by the capitalist state in order to justify whole populations in America living in miserable conditions where they are exploited as slave labor for the elite, if racism were no more and the working peoples of all colors discovered their common cause we’d have a massive front that would overpower the elite so they must make us hate each other to save their own positions. If anything has changed in the racial balance of America, it only shows the fact of class identity is what creates racial identity in that Zimmerman, son of a white judge father and a Peruvian mother, considers himself white. So long as we live in a classed society killings like those of young Trayvon will continue over and over again. If we want justice, we must make revolution and abolish all oppression altogether and finally give the black peoples of America the right to control their own destiny.


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