Baathist Prisoners Dying in Iraq


The defeat of US occupying troops in Iraq under the continued success of the Iraqi resistance lead by the Baath Arab Socialist Party resulted in US troop withdrawal in 2011.

However, this withdrawal meant that the vaccum left behind by the US must now be occupied by Iran a staunch hater and enemy of the Baath. Iraq had already once before defeated the plans of Iran to occupy Iraq. Under the leadership of martyred president Saddam Hussein, Iran was defeated in its ambitions to both occupy Iraq and to spread its Safawi sectarian program across the Arab homeland; during a decade of fierce combat by Iraq in the 1980’s when Iran was then under the rulership of Ayatollah Khomeini. Now with the political support of the US Iran has been allowed to occupy Iraq. Soon afterwards Iran and its agents chiefly the instilled puppet ruler Nouri Almaliki launched their sectarian Safawi program in Iraq that targetted all non-Safawi Iraqis and placed the Baath as its chief target.

Political campaigns lead by the Iranian agent Nouri Almaliki launched witch-hunts to target the Baath and its leadership inside Iraq. With the growing membership and popularity of the Baath inside Iraq mainly through its success in leading the Iraqi resistance, the pro-Iran government first passed the law to “Uproot the Baath”, when that law failed next came the law to “Criminalize the Baath”. Under disguise of these laws numerous Baathists were assasinated in the streets of Iraq. Also, many were rounded in hystrical campaigns -to attempt to curb the increasing success of the Baath-to be placed in prison. Senior Baathist leaders were particularly of interest. Despite their old age and failing health and despite numerous appeals to the United Nations and to humanitarian groups in the West to look into neglect and torture being practiced upon them in prison by the Nouri government, these appeals by the Iraqis have never been answered. The conspiracy to target Baathist prisoners such as Tariq Aziz, Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafoor, Dr Huda Mahdi Ammash and others have gone on without any attention from the West or the UN. Today as a consequence prisoner senior Baathist and brother of martyred president Saddam Hussein, Sabawi Ibrahim Alhasan,has been murdered in prison.

This deliberate murder out of neglect to the health needs of these political prisoners can not be allowed to continue with silence. Nouri AlMaliki and Iran who with American support executed the legitimate president of Iraq Saddam Hussein ( in their cowardly act in 2006 ) and now occupy Iraq, must be brought to justice for their continued criminal acts inside Iraq against the Iraqi people and for their murder of these political prisoners. The UN and Western humanitarian groups in a similar fashion must answer to their hypocritical lack of action in Iraq towards the plight of these political prisoners there.

Enough is enough!


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