A note about Palestine and NACAZAI’s position :

Recently some viewers of our new website have asked us “what makes NACAZAI’s position on the Palestinian issue unique ?” Let us respond by saying that our organisation is truly anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian; many supposed anti-Zionists, even those that support a one state solution and the right to return still accept that colonialists still have a “right” to live in the stolen land of Palestine. NACAZAI condemns this hypocritical and opportunistic stance and asks – would any of you reading this allow a thief to live in your home that he’s broken into ? Then why should Palestinians be forced to accept invading people living on their land ? Just as the vanguard revolutionaries in Africa such as comrade Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe are expelling the white colonists from African land, we support the right of the Palestinian people to live in their land free from all colonialism by supporting their call is for all Zionists to leave all of pre-1948 Palestine. Our position is that we uphold the Arab identity of Palestine, Palestine is Arab from the river to the sea. As such NACAZAI adheres to the original unammended Palestinian charter and not to the one state solution, NACAZAI does not recognize the state of “israel” nor its right to exist.


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