Open Letter to the US Anti-war Movement and Arab and Muslim Organizations

The effectiveness of the anti-war movement in the West is its mass appeal. Its weakness however is the inherent problem that that presents which is lack of ideological cohesiveness.


This presents the anti-war movement with two difficulties, the first is the necessary inclusion of these movements without intent of both opportunist and reactionary elements, second is that their life-time is short. It is short because it is issue oriented and revolves around the pressing issue, in this case of the complete brutal nature of Obama’s imperialist wars on the world.


We on the revolutionary Marxist-Leninest left are clear about these issues. Our task is to work hard to direct the anti-war movement to an anti-imperialist end. Our task is to work hard amongst this popular mobilization to direct the guns and anger onto the capitalists-imperialists of the United States-Anglo alliance.


We know that only this analysis and plan of action can lead the anti-war (and even anti-globalization) important popular mobilizations, to the necessary victory. This necessary victory can only be in the revolutionary and not reform sense. Specifically the destruction of US-Anglo capitalism, and its highest form US-Anglo imperialism.


The primary struggle and importance is of course in the periphery armed struggles in Iraq and Colombia, Palestine and Nepal, Venezuela and the Philippines. That is where most of our attention, energy, and effort is. Of secondary importance are the social-democratic moves of the Western anti-war and anti-globalization forces active today.


It is thus of no surprise to us to have read  the open call made by Arab and Muslim organizations in the USA in 2004 to the anti-war movement and anti-globalization forces accusing them of racism and to have succumb to pro-Zionist fascists implanted into the movement.


These pro-Zionist forces have found a footstep into the open arena of the anti-war movement and have sought to drop the demand for an “end of occupation in Palestine” from the call of the movement. We ourselves see this call as short from what we demand in the form of the call for: “Liberation of the entire land of Palestine”.


But even this low political ceiling of a demand asking for the end of occupation in Palestine does not fair well with the pro-Zionists; the shear mention of Palestine gets them kicking and screaming for its removal.


We on the revolutionary Marxist-Leninest left have been trained well by VI Lenin to expose opportunism in the left. And so we have dedicated a good deal of our lives to fight opportunism on the left and have had extensive experience dealing blows to Zionists and pro-Zionist forces implanted in the left.


We do it again with great pleasure to smash these forces which we found in the social-democratic mobilizations of the anti-war movement.


We present our position without being bashful:


1.Palestine is Arab, we call for the liberation of Palestine from river to sea and its return to the Arab people, not just an end to occupation.


2 We reject the misnomer Oslo peace process, road map, etc. because we think these are imperialist Zionist traps to rob the Arab people of their homeland. They are peace for the oppressors and not the oppressed and so we have no desire to give peace to the oppressors. Our interest is in returning the land to its owners. In Iraq our interest is the defeat of the imperialist forces.


3.We stand by the original Palestinian charter of 1967 we reject any solution that falls short of this call for the Palestinian struggle. We consider Judaism a religion not a nationality.


4. We direct those interested to our work against normalization of relations with “israel” through the North America Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) which we have helped found (


5.We direct those interested to the pro-Iraq resistance network USA.


6. We should learn form the examples set forth by Cuba and the DPRK (Korea) who though assuming victory in their struggles to bring socialism to their countries still fight hard to keep the victories they have earned against capitalism-imperialism.


The Songun policy of the great DPRK and the proud resolve of Cuban independence on the road to socialism and against US imperialism, still show us great illuminating examples of not only how to win the revolution but also  how to keep it!


The anti-war movement must immediately rid itself of the opportunist elements and direct itself to an anti-imperialist end. Without this it is doomed. It is doomed because it will loose its compass and fall in the hands of the pro-Zionist forces, reactionaries and imperialists and they will quickly cut its throat.


Second, they leave themselves open to imperialist security agents to fathom dissent and confusion amongst this ideologically un-harmonized mass which will bring this movement also to an undesirable fatal end.


Kick the Zionist elements out, support a pro-Palestine principled stand, bring a pro-Iraq resistance principled stand into the movement; lead the anti-war movement to an anti-imperialist end.


فليبقى اسم فلسطين مرفوعا عاليا

(Let the name of Palestine be always raised high)


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