On the Development of Capitalism and Racism in the U$A

2013 Note : This document was originally written by the former NACAZAI chairperson as a response to a “white nationalist’s” attempt to infiltrate our movement. The article is hereby republished on the Internet as a warning to other white racists who attempt to claim the Palestinian and other anti-imperialist struggles as their own :

This message was drafted in response to a message sent by a member of the Arab Nationalist list (AN), we shall give him the name Mr. K from here on, and it answers questions on the development of race and capitalism in the US, specifically as applied to the question of segregation and crime in the United States.

Saddam ibn Felasteen



Mr. K wants to avoid talking to us but we do not want to avoid talking to Mr. K.

Recently he sent a message to the Anti-imperialist Committee asking for a Marxist counter argument to his “solution” of separating the “Negro” from the “Aryan” in order to solve the crime problem in AmeriKKKa!

We will be nicer than Mr. K and answer with a Marxist argument on the Arab Nationalist list, unsolicited.

Mr. K wants to take us back to the segregated south of the United States where there are restaurant stools and water fountains for “Whites only” and “Colored Folks” , i wonder which entrance will be allowed for Arabs (who are people of many colors) if Mr. K. and his likes have their way.

Actually in order to make this beneficial to AN readers we will offer our Marxist analysis on the U$$$A and specifically the development of racism and capitalism in this country which have been inseparable.

First It was the theft of the land!

The history of development of the settler-colonial project of Europe in North America has never been devoid of discrimination.

The first 13 colonies established in the United States in Roanoke (the Indians wiped that one out ) to Jamestown to the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies were never devoid of conflict with the Indians.

In certain cases it was outright battle (like the New England colonies), and in other places it oscillated between trade with the Native Americans to occasional outbreak of war.

The issue had always been the land. As the original colonists expanded their quest for land with more colonial immigration so did the conflict with the Indian tribes escalate leading to war and bloodshed.

The original colonists had two things that marked their behavior, one the thirst for practicing their European prosecuted religious beliefs to the inner conviction that they were a superior being, their superiority derived from their religious beliefs (they were the ones that truly represented God on Earth), and in their “civilization” over  the beast of a native American.

Even Thanksgiving that they celebrate in this nation has paintings from that time period depicting the European man on tables, with clean clothes, praying the Christian faith while the Indian sat on the ground in the field looking bewildered.

From there on the European settler expanded his ownership of land under a superiority complex at the expense of the Indian, who was eventually was wiped out through spread of disease, the lack of unity in the face of the European colonialist attack, being flooded by alcohol and vice from the European, and for lack of sophisticated weaponry to defend his land.

Then there was Slavery!

The main agricultural industrial development of the European colonialist could have never developed if it weren’t for the forceful abduction, kidnap, and slaughter of the African man/woman.

Through the *Trade Triangle* the European colonialist sitting in Boston would make weapons and Rum and sail to the West African coast where he traded it for slaves.

Notice how the European man from Boston brought vice to the African people(alcohol and weapons of killing) and took slaves in return. Doubling the damage of the African.

He would then take the slaves from Africa to the Caribbean (what is today Cuba and the Dominican republic) where he would force them into slavery, to work the sugar plantations to derive molasses. He would then take the molasses back to his colonies in North America and make Rum with it, to sell again to the African.

Notice how in this diabolical mechanism who got always richer and who got always poorer. How capitalism is built on the deliberate poverty of other nations.

The Plantation

The need for cotton to make clothing created great wealth for the Southern colonies. A feudal like system developed there was called the plantation. Much like the Manor system of the Middle Ages of Europe, this inhuman system of the Plantation in the south is what enriched the settler-European colonialist and meant suffering and long misery to the African(serf) who labored from dawn to dusk to make the European settler(lord and lady) and his family rich and powerful.

It would take long sacrifices for the African man and woman to rebel against this injustice and to claim his/her freedom in a country he never asked to be a part of to begin with.

Then there was the bourgeoisie constitution!

After the European-settler-colonialist bourgeoisie decided it had enough with the British monarch and the bourgeoisie English, the American revolution broke out.

Even the sacrifices of the African slave in the Continental army could not get him his/her freedom from George Washington and company.

Thomas Jefferson who drafted the declaration of Independence could not get himself to grant the slave his/her freedom until later.

His words “All men are born equal” taken from the English philosopher John Locke must have missed the inclusion of “Indian, African, woman, or even Catholic” in the new country the “founders” were envisioning to build.

One of the earliest forms of government made by the colonial-settlers was EXCLUSIVE to “white” (European), property-owning men, who were of the protestant religion, they were called the House of Burgesses.

You could not belong to the house of burgesses if you were:

1.A woman

2.”black” (African)




6. Gay, Lesbian or Transgendered

(Do any of the readers see a difference today in running for president of the US? (with the exception of being Catholic can any of the above mentioned be a serious choice of president in the US in the year 2004?)

The new Constitution of the United States was contested as the day it was born for being “elitist”.

It of course represented in Marxist terms, the bourgeoisie classes and did not represent the “poor” classes.

It was drafted again by rich European men who owned property. Remember these people were operating on John Locke’s tenants of: All men are entitled to certain rights like liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and OWNING PROPERTY.

These were capitalists in our modern sense and not only that they were racist as well.

The Civil War

The industrially developing north needed labor for its mills and then factories and the south needed slaves to continue to work the plantations and to mass produce cotton the raw material for the textile mills up north.

There was a conflict of interests between the bourgeoisie of the North and the bourgeoisie of the South and a bloody war broke out.

The role of the African slave and sacrifices in the Union army of the North did not win him freedom like he thought, when the North won over the South. Slavery was then abolished only on paper soon afterwords.

The Chinese Workers and the Railway Story

In order to enrich itself further and build capitalism the European settler colonialists of a new AmeriKKKa decided to build an important railway to connect the east and west coasts and facilitate transportation of goods and people.

Do you think they built it themselves? NO !

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers were imported and made to work in inhuman conditions to build the railway. Many died and it cost the rest tremendous suffering.

The Chinese workers who survived the building of the railway under much sacrifice, would they be allowed to have equal rights to pursue happiness, liberty, and “private property”?

No they did not.


It would not be until the 1960’s, with “white” European dogs unleashed on protesters in Chicago and elsewhere, with the explosion of Civil Rights all across the country, that the European capitalist establishment gave in *some* rights to the African man and woman.

From then on the African man and woman would be put to work to build capitalism and made rich as well.

Today the effects of the strategy of multiculturalism produce the barbarian fascists like Powell (one of the butchers of Baghdad) and Rice to stand shoulder by shoulder with the criminal Rumsfeld and the lunatic Cheney and so on.

Even as we speak do you think in today’s society imperialism would stop benefiting from the sacrifices of the poor Latino and African man?

Look at the imperialist army in Iraq, that Mr K would like to segregate, it is the Latino and African man and woman side by side with the poor European class that are made sacrificial lamb to George Bush and company to kill Iraqis.

Imperialism relies *heavily* on the African and Latino poor classes of this nation to do its dirty work for it.

What about Crime?

Mr. K. did not stop to ask himself who brings the drugs into this society.

Further let us ask ourselves where is the major demand found for drugs in this nation?

Is it not in the high paying “white” suburbs, Las Vegas, and Hollywood parties of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie and their kids?

Don’t blame the messenger Mr. K..

The elephant Mr. K. is looking for is capitalism. He chooses to ignore the fact that the development of capitalism breeds and spreads racism.

Lenin once said that civil wars must be turned into anti-imperialist wars.

Mr. K. wants to do the opposite to Lenin. Mr. K. wants to turn imperialist wars, class wars, into race wars for segregation.

Questions to Mr. K.:

1.Who maintains the drug industry in Colombia? (supply?)

2.Who buys the high-priced drugs in Amerikkka? (demand?)

3.Who made the African man in the ghetto so poor, excluded, and oppressed to turn to drug dealing; if it weren’t the European capitalist establishment and the long-standing history of racism (the byproduct of capitalism) in this country?

The truth of the matter is that Mr. K. can not shake the racist history of Amerikkka off of his shoulders.

Instead of pointing the finger to the African man he should look within and he should then point the finger onto US capitalism and its racist settler-colonial history.

One Last Point

There seems to be a misconception on the AN list that an enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is not only against principle, but is shortsighted and reactionary, harming us in the long run.

So if the Nazis were to apply to the membership of the AN list and would denounce the Jews and holocaust all they wanted to, then should we applaud and welcome them with embraces?

Wouldn’t we discredit our message and ourselves in the long run?


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