The North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism

History and Objectives
May 22 2013
The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was a great loss for the anti-imperialist movement world-wide.  Reactionary forces allied with imperialism did not wait for long.  Soon afterward, the US imperialists and their reactionary allies quickly sought to gain recognition of the Zionist state of “Israel” a beacon of world reaction and agent of imperialism in the Arab homeland.  In 1991 the Madrid peace conference seeking Arab recognition of “Israel” was quickly organized.   Moreover, Arab nationalist states who refused to join the Madrid imperialist peace conference-like Iraq and Libya- and in opposition to recognition of “Israel”, were blacklisted, and would be targeted by future imperialist wars of aggression.  In fact Iraq in particular a staunch enemy of the state of “Israel” lead by the Arab Baath Socialist Party and then president martyr Saddam Hussein would be the first to be attacked in- a 30 country- US led war of aggression, ahead of the convening of the Madrid Peace conference in 1990.  This war sent a strong message to the Arab regimes to not oppose US imperialist plans for the region and laid the stage to force Arab regime recognition of the Zionist state. 
Next, the Oslo accords of 1993 brokered by US imperialism and the leadership of the PLO of then Yasser Arafat and with the support of Arab reactionary regimes in the aftermath of the defeat of Iraq in 1990, ushered in shock to anti-Zionist resistance forces inside of occupied Palestine and all over the Arab homeland.  Political activists inside of Palestine and around the Arab homeland quickly organized anti-normalization committees and called for boycott campaigns against recognition of the state of “Israel” and to continue in the path of resistance to the Zionist entity. 
While on the ground political activists were quick to organize the anti-normalization campaigns, Shimon Perez then minister for foreign affairs of the Zionist entity published his vision for a New Middle East ushered in with the onset of the American globalization project in which he envisioned final Arab normalization of relations with the state of “Israel”.
Inside the United States itself political activists began to organize themselves in mass popular mobilizations that opposed the new world order and in particular the American globalization project drafted by neoliberal capitalist-imperialist plans that disfavored the poor and further cemented the rule of the rich.  Most notable were the violent clashes of American youths with police in 1999, who then demonstrated in opposition to the World Trade Organization meeting being held in the city of Seattle. These famous riots ushered in a new age of political consciousness and action in the United States, which is continuing today as the Occupy movement, and were known to be decisively against globalization and in opposition to the new American led imperialist world order.
Nearby in Europe, boycott campaigns against “Israel”-such as in Denmark and elsewhere-quickly spread.  In a similar fashion major college campuses around the United States in 1999 in Michigan, in California, and elsewhere quickly drafted student lead resolutions calling for divestment and boycott of “Israel”. In the meantime and in 1999 a group of Palestinian and Palestinian American activists met to join the growing campaign for anti-normalization with “Israel” inspired by the work being done inside the West Bank in occupied Palestine.  This culminated in 2000 in a meeting in Chicago where the activists founded the North American Committee Against Zionism and Racism (NACAZAR) an organization dedicated to raising consciousness on the need to boycott “Israel”, for anti-normalization, and in opposition to Zionism and imperialism the two enemies that threaten peace and justice in the world. The name was later changed to North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) in recognition that the committee needed to be unequivocally anti-imperialist and moving more to a leftist anti-capitlaist socialist position.The organization like all Arab and Palestinian activists soon came to a halt due to the events of September 2001 and the attacks on the New York twin towers.  That attack ushered in a massive campaign of harassment and terror against Arab activists in the United States and as a result NACAZAR came to an abrupt halt.
After absorbing the shock of the events of September 11th, 2001, two political activists an American (JP South) and a Palestinian American (Saddam Ibn Falasteen) got together and decided that NACAZAI was too important to let go. Inspired by their study of Marxism-Leninism and the socialist experiences of the anti-imperialist struggles of the Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK) they reorganized the organization in 2003 as a propaganda organ operating inside the United States aiming to address the widest possible number of Americans possible on the dangers of Zionism and Imperialism. At the time they also asked one of the old Palestinian members to help in steering the committee, comrade Saeed Mansour stayed with the organization until he left the United States in 2005.
A new website was launched and tens of articles were written along with speaking engagements that traversed the East coast of the United States and the West Coast.  With humble means and much personal sacrifices the two comrades traversed a road uncharted by any to their knowledge before. Inspired by confidence in the people and love of the people, especially the working classes and poor of Americans, NACAZAI gained a lot of attention during its five years of operations from 2003-2008.  This attention was both positive and negative.  The positive came from NACAZAI’s ability to confront imperialism in the belly of the beast and to reach out to many Americans who followed its news  and published literature.  The organization quickly gained the respect and admiration of international allies (such as in Europe and the DPRK), Black Nationalists inside the United States, Palestinian Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic nationalists, and American leftists that contacted and in many cases supported the organization and its political position. Some life-long friendships and allies were forged during those hard years of political work and many happy times were made together.   
The negative attention came from government harassment of its founders by the FBI through interrogations and stoppages at airports, job harassment including firings, and visits to some of the activists’ homes to incite fear and terror with their families.   Another source of negative attention came from political activists on the right-wing side of politics like White racists.  One of those individuals finally infiltrated the organization and eventually succeeded in effusing their reactionary racist White nationalist ideas into one of the organization’s founders who fell a victim of right-wing deviation.  This immediately brought the organization to an end as an ideologically socialist anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist organization that naturally had to be decisively anti-fascist. NACAZAI was halted in 2009 after a call to purge the organization of the racist infiltrator was not upheld.
During the years 2003-2008 the organization set as its aim to operate as a propaganda organ that would reach out to as many American citizens as possible inside the belly of the capitalist-imperialist beast.  Through its website and through speaking events across the US, it published theoretical papers, disseminated political literature (its own as well as publishing classics from the DPRK, Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Iraq, Palestine, and others), published political papers in support of anti-imperialist struggles around the world, as it sought to politically educate as large a segment of the American working class, students, intellectuals, and poor as it possibly could. 
In 2013, the goals of the organization remain to conduct propaganda work, build the organization with its committed core members, and engage as large a group of Americans as it possibly can, ultimately to build the mass line and masses around the organization. However, NACAZAI is decisively anti-fascist. It denounces racism, racial superiority, and rejects racial interpretations of nationalism. There is no room in NACAZAI for White supremacists or their ideology. This organization rejects their poisonous thought and works to combat it. NACAZAI is a socialist, anti-fascist organization that is proud to combat Zionism and Imperialism, as well as world reaction.
 As NACAZAI launches itself anew in 2013, with a new promising and determined courageous generation of political activists, it seeks to speak to the hearts (conscience) and to speak to the minds of Americans (through scientific socialism), on the necessity to rid the world of Zionism and imperialism, the two threats that threaten and bring so much misery to so many of the working and oppressed peoples of the world. NACAZAI will strive to work instead, in favor of the building of socialism for a better future for all of humanity. We look with great joy upon the movement of American working class youths under the banner of “Occupy Wall Street” who are protesting around this country as you read this for the rights of all oppressed peoples here.
 Once the masses gather the possibilities will be endless!

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